Once each year, NISA publishes the information presented at its Technical Seminars for the benefit of those who could not attend and for reference material for all of its members. With the cost of travel and busy schedules, there may be a chance that you may miss one of the technical meetings.

The data presented at the meetings will be recorded and presented to each member, affording everyone with all the material. For those in attendance at the meetings, the Technical Reference Manual will serve as a recap of the presentations and for all, it will serve as a good reference as the years roll by.

Over the years, there have been additions to the Technical Reference Manual including articles about the seminar, field trips, past presentations and technical authors. Each publication will provide enjoyable reading for those who want to stay on top of what's going on.

At the end of each presentation there is an opportunity for the audience to ask questions of the presenter. Over the years, we have seen good information available only for those at the meetings. 

These Reference Manuals are supported by membership dues as well as the help from our sponsors. It's worth adding a note about the sponsors of this publication, because without them, it couldn't go on. Being a sponsor of the Technical reference Manual continues a program that brings NISA home to each member and we are proud of those who have gone this extra step. All are welcome to join the ranks and sponsor the publications. Yearly, we offer this to each of our members and their respective Companies for one hundred dollars per publication.





Past Technical Presentations



2018 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2018 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Weights and Measures in Florida
By Mauricio Mejia, Florida Weights and Measures
The Justification for a 0.1% Belt Scale
By Peter SIrrico, Thayer Scale
Asset Management Software
By Jake Jacanin, Qualer
NCWM Update 2018
By Darrel Flocken, NCWM
Telematics for Transport Logistics
By Nicola Bolton, NIC Place
Grain Moisture Testing
By Dale Delarber, Precision Scale
Geo Stabilization
By Bryan Wedin, Presto GeoSystems
Process Measurement &Control: Temperature (Abstract)
By Jack Smith, Technical Writer
Silo Weighing Systems
By Robin Shepherdson, Scaletron
In-Motion Conveyor Scales
By Darin Ides, Rice Lake Weighing Sysems
The Challenges of Checkweighing
By Soloman Plange, LCE Scales and Labeling
Process Controls and Systems
By Jason Lisachenko, Schenk Process


2017 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2017 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Weights and Measures in Alabama
By Wes Seals
Welcome to Tennessee
By Andy Dunn
Ultra Precision Scales
By Arnie Gordon
Electric Motors
By Greg Szymanski
Load Cell and Sensor Applications
By Nick Marck
Alternative Weighing Devices for Grain
By Peter Sirrico
VCP Requirements
By Darrell Flocken
Ez - Flo Scales
By Clarence Richard
WIM Axle Scale Developments
By Brad Fryburger
Next Generation Digital Load Cells
By Bill Rosser
History of Powell Scale
By Marion Powell


2016 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

(Note: no publication for this year)

2016Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

(Note: no publication for this year)


2015 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2015Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Lightening Protection of Load Cell Systems
By George Marshall
NTEP - Certified Weigh Belts
By Peter Sirrico
Vehicle / Track Interaction System
By Abe Meddah
Closed Loop Control Systems
By Clarence Richard
Technology - Driven Train Inspection
By Abe Meddah
Digital Force Sensors and Applications
By Div Harish
Buying Scales on the Internet
By Don Onwiler
Use of Fiber - Optic Technology to Identify Railcar Wheel Impacts
By Joel Kindt
Traceability Assessments
By Carol Hockert
Batching Control Systems for Concrete
By Robert Hu
Torque Senors
By Chris Delling and Jack Ballistrea


2014 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2014 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

High Capacity Scales and Rail Load-Out Systems
By Ian Burrell
Rail Car Load-Out Systems
By Anthony Sexton
Inspection Technology
By Nick Marck
2015 Handbook-44 Changes
By John Barton
Florida Weights and Measures Updates
By Hal Prince
Precast Weighbridge Design
By Cardinal Scale
  Automated Ticketing Systems
By Patrick Gilroy



2013 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2013 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Power Plant Scales
By Brian Leach
New Technology for In-Motion Train Weighing
By Hayden Cornish
Business Case for the Cloud
By Tom Mancuso
In-Motion Vehicle Scales
By Mike Smith
  Checkweigher Principles
By Greg Bredahl
  Smarter Certs
By Jackie McDonald
  C-Level Continuous Level Indicator
By Bill Ripka
  NIST Office Weights and Measures Update
By John Barton


2012 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2012 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Hazardous Environment Challenges
By John Crossen
Welcome to Georgia
By Steve Bannon
Bluetooth Technology in Weighing
By Jon Heinlein
NIST Office of Weights and Measures Update and Handbook 44 Changes
By John Barton
Three Point Materials Testing for Belt Scales: Curse or Cure?
By Peter Sirrico
Using Fiber Optic Sensors: Making Impossible Measurements Possible
By Tom Graver
AREMA Committee 34: Changes & Updates
By Dave Gogolin
Cellular I/O Controls and Monitoring
By Tim Conway
Wireless Controller Solutions
By Matt Bell
Pressure Plate Flow Weighing Technology: "Think Outside the Box"
By Clarence Richard
Selling Technical Products
By Bryan Moore
Technology for Service Management
By Robert Sombach
"Snapstream" Wireless Scale Systems: Wireless Truck Scales, Hydraulic Load Cells
By Fred Cox
AAR TTCI Presentation: Automated Inspection of Turnouts and Open Track
By Rafael Jimenez

2011 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2011 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Indiana State Department of Health Division of Weights & Measures Motor Fuel Inspection Program, 2009 - 2010 Annual Report
By Lawrence Stump
Northeast US Weights and Measures
By Charles Carroll
Same Design Profile, Different Performance
By Jaime SanPedro
NIST Office of Weights and Measures Update
By Steven Cook
Capacitance Load Cell Systems
By Bill Rosser
Increasing Weigh Station Efficiency with Technology and Automation
By Bill Miller and Steve Rowlands
Rail Scale Wheel Sensors for In-Motion Scales
By Bud Wagstaff
A Weight-Based Inventory System for Vessels and Silos
By Robin Shepherdson
The Scale Manufacturers Association
By Darrell Flocken
Centripetal Force Measurement - A Railcar Loading Alternative
By Kevin Bixby
Belt Scale Data Collection for Plant Organization
By Steve Keller


2010 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2010 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Weights & Measures in Pennsylvania
By John Dilabaugh
AREMA Committee 34 - Scales Update
By David Gogolin
NTEP Conformity Assessment Program
By Don Onwiler
A Good Tension Link Load Cell Design
By Gary Yong Gui
Scale Management Solutions Beyond the Basics
By Victor Parrish
NIST Weights and Measures Update
By John Barton
Conveyor Belt Scales and Solids Impact Flow Meters
By Mike Murphy
Surges and Transients in Weighing
By Jan Borge
In-Motion Checkweighing
By Scott Gibson
True Hermetic Sealing for Load Cells
By Avi Lahav
  Hydraulic Truck Unloader with Pulsation and Weighing
By Ted Hansen

2009 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2009 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Ohio Weights & Measures
By Fran Elson-Houston
Association of American Railroads & Transportation Technology Center
By Rafael Jimenez
Extensiometers In Telescopic Handlers & Mobile Cranes
By Stephane Sangouard
AREMA Committee 34 Scales - Progress Summary
By Steve Beitzel
Weigh-In-Motion Systems
By Bob Susor


Technology Integration for Truck and Construction Equipment: On-Board Scales
By Richard LeFrancois
Utah's Weights and Measures Program
By Brett Gurney
NIST Weights and Measures 2009 Update
By John Barton

2008 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2008 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Measurement Canada - A Special Operating Agency
By Alan Johnston
Welcome to Missouri
By Ron Hayes
Accelerating the Future of Bitumen Upgrading
By Bob Rimes
Heavy Capacity Belt Conveyor Weighing
By Bill Ripka
Integrating Wireless Technology with Weighing
By Jan Borge
Evolution of Truck Scales
By Sam Friesen
Automatic Passenger Counting System 
By Paul Hines
NIST Weights and Measures Division Update 2008
By Steven Cook
A History and Geography of Concrete Batching Controls 
By Robin Shepherdson
AREMA Committee 34 Update
By Steve Beitzel
On-Board Weighing - Waste and Logging Industries 
By Keith Reichow

2007 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2007 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Results from First RailWIM Installation
By Lou Pfohl
Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Technology
By Dennis Malmanger
Nation's Interstate System Is Sickly
By Jim Sexton
Conveyor Belt Scales
By Todd Dietrich
 Unattended Scale House
By Paul Ciszewski
The Long and Short of a Custom Rail Scale Project
By John Holleman
Gravity CRM Software Package
By Don Cook
NIST Weights & Measures Update 2007
By Rick Harshman
  Coal Sampling System
By David Robinson

2006 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2006 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Welcome to Omaha
By Don Onwiler
NIST Weights & Measures Update 2006
By Rick Harshman
Digital Signal Conditioners
By Hank McCarrick
Bulk Materials Scale House And Loading Operations
By Scott Killough
 Rail Sciences Testing
By John D. Makinson
Falcon Applications in Industrial Settings
By Lucian Fogoros

2005 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2005 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Wayside Electronics Equipment - Issues for Survival
By Ronald R. Capan
Paperless Technology for Short Line And Regional Railroads 
By Paul Pascutti
Load Cell Considerations
By Jay Visco
Radio Frequency Identification
By Tom Brahm


Lightweight Aggregate Geotechnical Fill Materials
By Jody Wall
  NIST Weights & Measures Update 2005
By Rick Harshman

2004 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2004 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Update on Quartz WIM Systems
By Lou Pfohl
Welcome to Missouri
By Steve Gill
AEI: A Data Collection Tool
By Richard Schoppert
NIST Weights & Measures Update 2004
By Steven Cook
ISO 9000 and ISO/IEC 17025
By Bob Levine


Technology Overview of UP's WILD
By William G. Gemeiner
Concrete Slab Track for Freight and High Speed Service 
By David N. Bilow
Demystifying Wireless Technologies
By Mike Fahrion
An Uncoupled-In-Motion Railcar Weighing System Upgrade 
By John Holleman
Drilled Deep Foundations
By Eric Reuther


2003 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2003 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

A Bold New Challenge for 21st Century Weights and Measures
By Aves D. Thompson
Welcome to Kentucky 
"The Bluegrass State"
By William "Mack" Bushart
The Gozinta Load Cell - Is it right for my application?
By Bruce Erickson
Applying Solids Impact Flowmeters
By Sheldon Shepherd
GPS Tracking and Impact Measurement System
By David Baker


Loadout Upgrade at Coal Mountain Operations
By Felix Klebe
CIM - Start to Finish 
By O. G. "Bubba" Buckhorn
Technology, Application and Implementation of Wireless Data Communication Systems
By Monroe Miller
A Tour of  the Transportation Technology Center
By Rafael Jimenez
NIST Weights and Measures Division Update 2003 
By Steven Cook


2002 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2002 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Welcome to Nebraska
By Steven A. Malone
Welcome to Louisiana
By Benjy Rayburn
Where's the Beef?
By Don Onwiler
NIST Weights & Measures & Handbook 44 Update
By Steven Cook
By William G. GeMeiner


Lightning Protection for Load Cells & Electronic Equipment
By Warwick Beech
The Design of Geosynthetic Reinforced Foundations 
By James F. McHenry
High Wheel Loads and Track Safety
By David Jamieson
 Axle Load Weighing
By Steve Langford


2001 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2001 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

RF  (Radio Frequency) Data Communications Made Easy
By Monroe Miller
Welcome to Missouri
By Ron Hooker
Taking Yesterday's Scale Testing Into a New Frontier
By Dan Earl
AREMA Report
By Ron Mueller
Applying Weighfeeders in Blending Operations for Bulk Solids
By Sheldon V. Sheperd
Grapple Scale Mobile Weighing Systems
By George Dankelmann
Update on NIST Handbook 44 and NTEP
By Steven Cook
Digital Programmable Weight Indicator
By John Carver
  Accuracy In Motion
By Erik Smith
Level and Weight Systems for Bulk Inventory Management
By David Corley
Demonstration of Scale Test Car
By Knut Hansen & Keith Egan


2000 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

2000 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Division of Weights and Measures - Missouri
By Ron Hayes & Steve Gill
AREMA Report
By Ron Mueller
Test Trucks and Weight Carts
By John Dewald
Quartz Sensor Technology for Weigh-in-Motion
By Louis L. Pfohl
Installation, Calibration, Material Test -
A High-Capacity Belt-Conveyor Scale
Application and Operating Principles of Conveyor Belt Scales
By Richard D. Linville, Jr.
By Phil Carpentier
Railroad Master Scales in the Year 2000 Presented NScales Database Project
By David Gogolin
By Steve Beitzel
   OWM Strategic Plan
By Henry Oppermann


1999 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

1999 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

In-Line Weighing at Commercial Accuracy
By Jim Smith & Ken Jones
National Conference on Weight & Measures
By G. Weston Diggs
AREMA Report
By Ron Mueller
Hydrostatic Technology for High Capacity Weighing
By Rudi Baisch
Unattended Automatic Train Loading System - Loading Coal Down Under Roseville Classification Scale
By David Baker 
 By Bill McHale
Programming Digital Weight Instrumentation
By Enrico Danise
Allen-Bradley Communication Networks and Rice Lake Weighing Systems Custom Process Controls
  By Enrico Danise

By Enrico Danise
Certification Program Review for the Weights & Measures Industry
   By Steve Shelton
AREMA - Report
   By Ron Mueller

1998 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

1998 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Protecting Equipment from AC Power Problems
By Scott Snyder
Relative Accuracy of Scales versus Draft Surveys
By Steve Hale
Off-Road Vehicle Weighing
By Patrick Mara
S&T NCWM Update
By Wess Diggs

Belt-Conveyor Scales NTEP-NIS Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow
By Phil Carpentier
Weigh Feeders
By Norm Johnson
High Capacity Belt Scales Scale Quality Idlers
 By James Hale  By Mike VanSkike
When Destination Weights Apply
By Doug Thornton
Public Relations In The Scale Industry
By Anita Pate
Strain Gage Load Cell Production
By Stephen Langford
Truck Scales
By Marian Powell Tyree
By Bob Feezor
Scale Management Software
By Ronald Pappas
A Realistic Approach to the Internet and Websites for Non-Retail Businesses
By Karen Scott May
By Bob Feezor
Wheel Impact Load Detector
Weight Production Option
Known Static verses W.I.L.D. Indications
By Ron Mueller
The Richter Scale
By Gerald Davis


1997 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

1997 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Welcome To Kansas City
By Bob Gunja
Weights and Measures in South Carolina
By Carol Fulmer
Testing a Vehicle Scale According to the NCWM's EPO 13 and Slightly Beyond
By Constantine V. Cotsoradis
Hopper Scale Field Test
By Richard Suiter
AREA - NISA Report
By Bob Feezor
Building A Ship Unloader
By Floyd Mansion
A.A.R. Update
By Lou Cerny
Building A Smart Car To Haul Coal
By Mark Filkins
Belt Scale Testing in Mississippi
Part One By Leon C. VanZant
An Alternative To Stockpile Density Test
By Harry Mullins
Belt Scale Testing in Mississippi
Part Two By Sammy Lang
"Coaltainer", An Innovative Idea
By Johnie Nix
Electronic Commerce Within The Southern Electric System Coal Futures
By Jay Gottlieb
By James Orrison
Posimetric Feeder - A New Design
By Mel Young
Hopper Scales - Testing and Weight Certification
By Dennis Davis
Accuracy In Sampling
By Bill Thurman
TWSNet - CSX Tracking System on the Internet
By Donna Hohlfelder
Conveyor Belt Training
By Rick Archer
Programmable AEI Tags for Shippers
By Scott G. Snyder
Track Scale Testing Program For The PC Computer
By Steve Beitzel
NISA Field Trip - BNSF Argentine Yard Project
By Roger Engle


1996 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

1996 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Welcome to Florida
By Max Gray
The Awakening of a Sleeping Giant - Conrail's Continuing Pursuit of Traceability
By Gerald Davis and James Decker
AAR Report
By Louis T. Cerney
Association of American Railroads
By Louis T. Cerny
AREA - NISA Report Advantage 75
By Bob Feezor By John Fowler
Problems & Logistics In Moving Railroad Scale Test Cars AREA - NISA Report
By Bob Feezor
By F. Joe Loyd, Jr.
Rail Scale Replacement
By Ron Mueller
Procedures For Getting Railroad Approval of Scales and Scale Installations
By Bob Feezor
NTEP Status Report
By Tina Butcher
National Conference on Weights and Measures
By Barbara Bloch
Update on NIST
By Dr. Gilbert Ugiansky
Concentrated Load Capacity, An Overview
By Stephen Langford, P. E.
RF Tag Technology in the Transportation Market - Today & In The Future Load Cells For Heavy Capacity Applications
By Greg Hefele
By Mike Uremovich
Digital Technology - Present and Future NTEP Round Table
By Tom Luke By Jim Truex, Barbara Bloch, Tina Butcher, Sid Colbrook, Duane Snider & Dave Quinn


1995 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

1995 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Texas Weights and Measures Welcome To Missouri
By Ed Price Roy Humphrey
AAR / AREA Report
By Lou Cerney
Servicing Electronic Scales, Yesteryear and Now
By Earnest Schulz
Scale Pitts - Confined Spaces
By Bruce Reierson
The Elkhart Hump Scale Replacement
By Gerald Davis
Velcon Drum Filling
By Boll Och
National Coal Weighing and Sampling Association Belt Scale Training Seminar
By Phil Carpentier
Recommended Installation Procedures AREA Report
By Clayton Rethwill By Bob Feezor
Scale Test Cars
By George Becht
Scale Transient Protection and AC Line Disturbance
By Mark Erickson
Current NCWM/NTEP Issues NTEP & Weights and Measures in Illinois
By James C. Truex, NCWM Chairman By Sid Colbrook
Thinking Outside Our Box, Developing New Standards (417 Waybills and AEI Readers)
By Bill Brasher
Black Skimmers and a Stowaway
By Joe Kresse


1994 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

1994 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Ohio's Weights and Measures Program
By Jim Truex
Coupled-In-Motion Weighing of Trough Cars
By Bob Brumbaugh
Fieldbus - The Digital Control Interface
By Doug Bliss
In-Motion Weighing of Trucks & Tractor Trailors on Interstate Highways
By Mark Brockway
Construction of Train Weighing System at South Saint Paul, Mn RF Identification Technology
By Tom Levine
By Bill GeMeiner
Two and a Half Year Update on AEI
By Paul Kromberg
Burlington Northern's Trough Train From Concept to Production
By John A Dalman
Soil Stabilization for Heavy Capacity Scale Foundations
By John Holleman
Understanding Load Cell Parameter Interaction and the Importance of Minimum Utilization
By David Green
The Significance of NTEP
By Tina Butcher
Adverse Loads on High Capacity Weigh Modules for Silos
By Bulent Bulat
The Evolution of Concentrated Load Capacity
By Bruce Reierson
Consol Of Kentucky Jones Fork Truck Receiving System
By Steven J. Hicks
Rotary Dumper System
By Jim Wallaert
Association of American Railroads Report
By John J. Robinson
Minnesota's Pursuit of ISO Registration for Their Weights and Measures Program
By Michael Blacik


1993 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

1993 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Welcome to Virginia
By Wes Diggs
An Overview of Weights and Measures in Illinois
By Sid Colbrook
NIST Update AAR Report
By Henry Oppermann By John J. Robinson
Overloads - Weighline Update
By Jack Caldicott
Impact of Belt Scales On Power Plant Operations
By John R. McLemore
WWIB - An Overview
By Hershall Wilson
Track Scale Testing Guideline, Test and Inspection Forms
By Robert Holmes
EDI at MAPCO Coal, Inc. Overview of the 78th NCWM
By Vicki Carlson By Henry Oppermann
By John Robinson
Grain Car Loading & Flood Buster Video
By Norm Brucker
NISA Update AREA Committee 34 Activity
By Peggy Cunningham By Bill GeMeiner
The Wonderful World of Weight Agreements Wheel Impact Load Detector for Overloads
By Dave Owens & Ken Damsgard By Robert L. Prior
Heavy Capacity Truck Scale Installation & Certification Digital Weighing Systems
By Jack Fahy
By Pete Peterson
Any Port in a Storm
By Rick Rightmyer
Load Cells for Harsh Environments
By David Green
Testing As-Used CIM Procedures & Reporting
By Steve Beitzel


1992 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

1992 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Welcome To Missouri "Show Me" Weights and Measures Current Weights and Measures Issues, Industry and Government
By Les Barrows By Allan Nelson
What NISA Needs
By John Robinson - President
1993 Handbook 44 Proposed Changes
By Richard Suiter
Leadership For The Nineties Loading Coal in Inner Mongolia
By Ben Dillon By William McHale
After NTEP Adoption, Then What
By Steven A. Malone
NTEP Evaluation of Heavy Capacity Scales
By Jim Truex
NCWM/AAR C-I-M Study, Status Update
By W. G. GeMeiner
Transient Protecting Outdoor Electronic Scales and Other Mythological Tales
By Thomas M. Hendrick
NISA Standards, Policy Statement From The Board of Directors NISA Proposed Standards for Testing Vehicle Scales
  By W. Terry James
Proposed NISA Standard For Belt-Conveyor Scales  
NISA Proposed Standard For Testing Hopper Scales
By Phil Carpentier
NTEP Certification of Belt Conveyor Scales
By Max Casanova
Using Scales as Diagnostic Tools
By Stella Thompson
What's ISO 9000 All About
By Thomas M. Stabler


1991 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

1991 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Weights and Measures Regulations Entering the 90's Licensing Weights and Measures Service Technicians in Virginia
By Michael F. Blacik By Wes Diggs
NTEP Adoption Panel Discussion Scale Preparation and Numbers
Daryl Tonini Narrator By Leon Van Zant
Henry Opperman
Jack H. Senter
Terry James
Burlington Northern's Articulated Coal Cars
By Keith Kieres
Trouble Shooting Railroad Motion Scales Automatic Equipment Identification
By Lindsey Epperson By John J. Robinson
How to Weigh a Coal Pile
Bill Kattterhenry
Requirements for Metrological Audit Trails
By Claud Betrand
NISA Brainstorming Session Umler C What Is It?, What Is It For?
Rick Rightmyer By John Kieras
Homer Harrison  
Bob O'Neal Data Management Software For Scales
  By Chapin Pratt
Waste to Watts  
By Glen Kaas Unattended Vehicle Scales
By Terry James
Newest Test Procedures
By Gerald E. Davis
Coal Quality Impacts on Power Plant Performance
By Rod Hatt
Overview of Ad Hoc CIM Study
By Bill GeMeiner 


1990 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

1990 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Introduction to Planning for Commercial Certification of Belt-Conveyor Scales Weights and Measures - A Cooperative Effort
By Shawne Gibson By Sid Colbrook
Planning for Commercial Certification of Belt-Conveyor Scales
By Jim Hylton
Unitrain Batch Loadout Retrofit Systems
By Phil Carpentier
In-Motion Truck Scale
By Cory Trump
Factors to Consider in Purchasing a Vehicle Scale
By Dave Quinn
Repair of Scale Foundations
By Bob Emmerich
Increased Freight Car Utilization By Improved Loading
By James C. Oaks
Toledo DigiTol Vehicle Scales
By Mark Brockway
Railroad Track Scale Troubleshooting
By Lindsey Epperson
Overview of the Weights and Measures Program in Alabama
By Don Stagg
High Speed Coupled-In-Motion Weighing
By Jack R. Caldicott
Heavy Capacity Scale Certifications
By Larry Turberville
Conveyor Belt Scale Troubleshooting
By Dennis J. Popham
Complexities of Retrofitting Hopper Systems
By Dave Good
The Impact of Clean Air Legislation on Electric Utilities
By Jim Stevenson
Testing and Inspection of Railroad Track Scales Transporting Garbage for Profit
By Tom Collard
By Bill GeMeiner
U. S. Steel Seamless Pipe Mill Operation
By Dave Lohr
Enforcing Weights and Measures Regulations In The City Of Chicago
By Patricia Jackowiak
Weights and Measures In Indiana
By Sharon Rhodes


1989 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

1989 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Black Thunder Mine
By L. K. Dobyns
Coal Outlook and Legislative Update
By Paul Bailey
Monitoring Of Industrial Weighing
By Vic Gerber
State of Illinois Overload Program - State Police
By Carl Sebastion
In-Service Grouting
By Bruce Bowersox
State of Illinois Overload Program - D.O.T.
By Charles Smith
Installation and Alignment of Conveyor Belt Scales Belt Conveyor Scales in NTE
By Paul Chase
By Ken Knapp
Automatic Vehicle Identification - A Pilot Test
By Bob Peterson
What Is WWIB? Standard Track Scale Inspection Procedures
By Richard A. Spanier
Truck Scales Above and Beyond Highway Loads
By Terry James
Policing Intermodal Truck Traffic Weights
By Ken Sahly
Unit Train Load Control
By Mac McLemore
Belt Scale Trouble Shooting Panel
Gar Kachel, Moderator
Railroad Advisory Committee Report on Coupled-In-Motion Weighing Conveyor Scale Alignment
By Phil Carpentier
By F. Joe Loyd, Jr.
Belt Scale Conveyor Maintenance
By Oscar Ridenour
Belt Scale Trouble Shooting
By Bob Davis
Construction Aggregates Production, Handling and End Use
By Joe Lynch
Coupled-In-Motion Scales Voice Speed Transmitters (VSI)
By F. Joe Loyd Jr.
The NCWM S&T Committee: How It Functions
By Henry Oppermann


1988 Spring Meeting & Technical Conference

1988 Fall Meeting & Technical Conference

Evolution Of Automated Railcars Belt Scale Troubleshooting
By James McIntosh By Bob Davis
What's Up In Georgia Coal Proportioning Systems
By Bill Truby By Mitch Hescox
Grain Handling & Process Control
By Dennis Mahoney
High Speed Coupled-In-Motion Weighing
By Don Schott
Canister Load Cells Mechanical Samplers
By Leo Sennott By Bob Peterson
Vehicle Scale Capacity & Sectional Capacity
By Terry James
Missouri Weights & Measures
By David James
Greasing A Mechanical Railroad Track Scale Truck Scale Systems
By Bill McHale
By Bill GeMeiner
What's New In Belt Scales Bias Testing
By Len Walker By Dick Kelly
Communication In Scale Systems
By Ken Still
Weights & Measures, The Law Making Process
By Tom Stabler
Calibrating Grain Scales
By Jim Decker
A Review of ASTM Activities
By Gladis Berchtold
Association Of American Railroads
By John Robinson
Recommended Test Procedures & Tolerances For C-I-M Track Scales
By F. Joe Loyd, Jr.


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